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Running Inside

Know the Important Qualities of a Good Treadmill

There are so many different models of treadmills on the market today that it is hard to know which one to choose. Buying one is a big decision that should be made with care. Before you start looking for a treadmill, write down the features that you must have and ones that you would like, and then set a budget. Here is a list of some qualities of good treadmills for running....(more)

Are Treadmills Accurate?

A treadmill is a great machine to own if you can afford one. For those who do not want to go outside and run, a treadmill will make exercising more convenient. However, a treadmill does not provide an accurate representation of an outdoor run, nor are the devices always accurate. Learn more with this information on treadmill accuracy....(more)

Weight Loss Running Programs on the Treadmill

A treadmill can be a healthy and practical choice if you decide to lose the extra weight that bothers you when you look in the mirror. Studies have shown that running on a treadmill can burn from 500 to 800 calories per hour. Of course, these numbers are strongly influenced by variables like the distance you run, speed, incline percentage, and weight. Additionally, a treadmill will keep you motivated to continue exercising in the cold and rainy season, when you cannot go outside for a run. If you want to exercise by running on a treadmill, you should consider following the advice below....(more)

Tips and Tricks to Treadmill Running

There are many benefits associated with treadmill running, including a good alternative for runners when the weather outside is not conducive for running. Most seasoned runners know what a treadmill is, but many don't know how to use it efficiently. Many end up injuring themselves or damaging the treadmill due to some neglectful decisions. Following a number of useful tips when treadmill running will make your experience more effective, enjoyable, and safe....(more)

Trail Running

Trail Running Etiquette: Tips for an Enjoyable and Sustainable Trail Experience

Trail running is an exhilarating way to enjoy the outdoors while logging training miles. Unlike road running, which can often be boring and monotonous, trail running offers a refreshing change in scenery as well as an ever changing terrain. Following basic trail running etiquette ensures an enjoyable experience for all trail users, as well as ensuring the integrity of the trail for future users....(more)

Safety Tips for Trail Running

From a change of scenery to a change of physical terrain, there are many benefits to taking your running miles off of the pavement and onto the wooded trails. The following are safety tips that are important for all trail runners, both beginners and experts alike....(more)


5 Amazing Shorts That Won't Ride Up

Running and working out are more fun when you're not tugging your shorts down. Check out these 5 shorts if you need new ideas of comfortable running shorts that'll stay put. ...(more)

How to Choose Running Socks: Tips for Keeping Your Feet Happy

As any experienced runner will tell you, having the appropriate running socks is as vital as having proper fitting sneakers. Unfortunately the importance of choosing the right socks is often overlooked by new or inexperienced runners. Wearing the wrong socks can trouble a runner with a wide variety of ailments, from minimal discomfort to painful blisters. Keeping the following tips in mind while choosing running socks will help keep your feet comfortable, and help ensure continued running success....(more)

5 Benefits of Compression Socks for Runners

Have you ever seen a runner cross a finish line wearing brightly colored, knee high socks, and wondered if they were for fashion or function? How about skin tight sleeves covering the lower legs of a fellow athlete at the post race party? More than likely, these runners were wearing compression gear. When one thinks of compression socks, they may think of a patient with diabetes, or an older person wearing support stockings. But compression wear has a very vital role for endurance athletes as well....(more)

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